Our lab culture is ever-evolving. Core beliefs include:

  1. Being kind. Without kindness, what is the point? We wish to create and enjoy a supportive environment. Care personally, challenge professionally!
  2. Collaboration breeds innovation. A collaborative spirit between lab members and with other labs will lead to the most learning and the most impactful research outcomes. It is also the most fun way to do science!
  3. Research is for everyone. Genius is not a prerequisite for making a valuable contribution to our collective understanding of how the world works. There are enough research questions to occupy all of us productively for a long long time. We can (and should!) all enjoy science in our daily lives within and outside of our specific fields.
  4. Curiosity based science. While it can be tempting to plan a straight course from research question to solution, the path is typically more meandering. Embrace it! (Tips on how to do so here and here.)
  5. Excellence in research is compatible with family life (that is, with caretaking responsibilities and/or a life outside academia). This should be obvious, but unfortunately is not always in academic settings.
  6. We post preprints, usually on, because we believe that dissemination of science should be in the hands of researchers and not for-profit journals. We do not publish in predatory journals.